• RazoRock SUPER SAVER Wet Shaving Starter Kit

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    • RazoRock SUPER SAVER Wet Shaving Starter Kit-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
    • RazoRock SUPER SAVER Wet Shaving Starter Kit-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
    • RazoRock SUPER SAVER Wet Shaving Starter Kit-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
    • RazoRock SUPER SAVER Wet Shaving Starter Kit-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
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    RazoRock SUPER SAVER Wet Shaving Starter Kit

    What you get:

    • 1 x RazoRock Quick-Change DE Safety Razor
    • 1 x RazoRock "Original" Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush - 24 mm knot
    • 1 x RazoRock "What the Puck?!" Shaving Soap (Your choice of scent)
    • 1 x RazoRock Alum Stick - 60 grams
    • 1 x 5-pack of Derby Extra DE blades

    The Razor: RazoRock Quick-Change DE Safety Razor

    The biggest hurdle for the traditional wet shaving is getting people to drop their 6-blade cartridge razor (wallet destroyers) and getting them to try a Double Edge (DE) razor. Those of us that use a DE razor already know the benefits and for most of us, there is no switching back, but making the switch isn't always easy. DE razor typically cost more money than cartridge razors initially (usually $30-50) and for many, the DE blade looks like a scary object. Well, RazoRock has solved this problem. Our RazoRock Quick-Change DE razor is high quality and breaks the price barrier at under 10 bucks!!! Blade changes are a cinch with this turn-to-open design and best of all...the shave is gentle and easy, insuring that even wet behind the ears,newbie wet shavers will leave the bathroom without tiny pieces of toilet paper on their faces. The RazoRock Quick-Change DE has beautiful mirror-like chroming and feels substantial in your hand at 68 grams. This might be the best MAN-GIFT ever. In case you need some more convincing, DE blades cost between 5 and 10 cents; compare that to cartridge blades... I don't have to tell you what they cost.

    How to Change the Blade:

    1. Turn the knob at the button of the razor handle to the left and the two doors on the head open.
    2. Unwrap a new DE blade and carefully drop it over the center bar.
    3. With the DE blade properly seated in the head, turn the knob at the button of the handle to the right and the two doors on the head will close. Do not over-tighten the the knob.

    TO CLEAN, loosen the doors and rinse under warm water, there is no need to remove the blade.


    • Material: Chrome plated alloy
    • Overall length: 95 mm
    • Handle length: 85 mm
    • Weight: 68 grams

    The Brush: RazoRock Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush - 24 mm knot

    For over a year now, there has been a synthetic shaving brush that's been all-the-rage in the traditional wet shaving community and sells for between thirty and fifty dollars.  RazoRock has sourced the same knot and mated it to a heavy resin handle with our RazoRock logo stamped on the base.  This brush is an absolutely joy to lather with and is uber soft on the face.  The weight and quality of the handle is going to blow you away at this price-point!

    • Knot size: 24 mm x 57 mm
    • Height: ~110 mm
    • Weight: ~82 grams

    The Soap: RazoRock "What the Puck?!" Shaving Soap (Your choice of scent)

    For a long time you've been asking for it, a triple milled hard puck from RazoRock! Admittedly, it took us a while to get this project off the ground. There just isn't many artisans left making triple milled hard shaving soaps, it's a dying art. Maybe it was luck, maybe destiny, but we were contacted by a small, four person (one family), artisan shop in northern Italy that was up to the task. After many test formulations and a personal visit to their shop in March, I'm excited to tell you that we found the perfect hard puck formula for RazoRock! In typical RazoRock fashion, we believe you'll find the quality and the value to be unmatched in the marketplace.

    What the Puck hard shaving soaps are great to drop into your favorite mug or shaving bowl; they can also be rubbed on your face and used as a shaving stick or lathered by holding the soap in your palm. They are formulated to be left out in the open air, there is no need to cover them after use. They come in a thin black jar that is basically only for shipping.

    Lathering Tip: This is a hard triple milled soap so loading your shaving brush and creating a great lather will take longer than a soft soap, cream or croap. If you've used Tabac or Mitchell's Wool Fat the technique will be similar, about 45-60 second of good loading and then a minute or two of creating the lather, adding droplets of water to your brush or lathering bowl, as need. The finished lather should be a nice yogurt consistency.

    Scent: Your choice of Blue Label, Black Label, Green Label or Gold Label

    Size: 100 grams (3.5 oz)

    Artisan made in Italy.

    Triple milled recipe, enriched with Shea Butter and Lanolin.

    Alum Stick – RazoRock Alum Stick - 60 grams - Natural Healing and Toning:

    RazoRock brings you the Highest Quality & Best Value alum stick on the market.

    RazoRock Alum is a multipurpose product, primarily used as a post-shave healer and antiseptic tool that is made from naturally occurring potassium alum mineral salts.  It's antiseptic properties calm razor burn and soothe irritation, help to stop bleeding in the event of a minor nick or cut, and close skin pores leaving the skin smooth and tight.This 2.15 ounces / 60 grams RazoRock is a natural mineral salt block that serves as an after-shave healing and antiseptic stick, used post-shave to calm and heal the skin. RazoRock soothes razor burn, relieves irritation and can also help stop the bleeding from a cut or nick. To use your RazoRock on cuts or nicks, wet the alum block and hold it on the cut for 30-40 seconds.

    RazoRock is made from Potassium Alum mineral salts, which have been used safely in products for thousands of years, so you can feel comfortable about its safety and efficacy. RazoRock Alum block is non-staining and contains no alcohol or parabens. After using RazoRock, your skin will feel soft and soothed, with no greasy residue.

    1. SKIN SOOTHING: RazoRock is an aftershave stick that soothes the skin and helps stop minor bleeding from nicks or cuts by closing skin pores, leaving you with smooth, calmed skin. RazoRock can even be used as a facial toner.
    2. ANTIBACTERIAL: RazoRock is made from potassium alum mineral salts, which are naturally antibacterial.
    3. DEODORIZING: RazoRock can also be used as a deodorant, offering protection from odors for up to 24 hours.
    4. ECONOMICAL: Just one RazoRock stick can last you several months to a year.
    5. NATURAL: Razorock is natural and biodegradable. It is also hypoallergenic and without fragrance.