Grooming FAQ's

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Q: What is the benefit of an OPEN COMB safety razor?

A: An OPEN COMB razor is more resistant to clogging than a cartridge razor or a safety bar double-edge razor, this makes them better for shaving multi-day beard growth without having to constantly unclog the razor with water. A secondary benefit is, they hold some lather between the teeth of the comb so it's easier to shave over the same area twice or three times with minimal skin irritation.

Q: What is the best routine for storing my shaving soaps after use?

A: All shaving soaps should be allowed to FULLY air dry after each use. Depending on the ambient climate conditions of your bathroom, this could take anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours. NEVER cover a soap when it's still wet (especially softer soaps) because you will risk ruining them.

Q: What is your best tip for looking young and maintaining my youthful appearance?

A: If you want to look great for a long-long time, at minimum, you need to do 4 things every night before bed. 1) Floss your teeth, 2) Brush your teeth, 3) Wash your face, 4) Moisturize your face! The condition of your teeth and your face will have the greatest effect on your overall appearance, make sure you get your teeth really clean at least once a day and make sure you use a great moisturizer on your face before bed, when you skin is resting and rejuvenating. For both Men and Women, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cera di Cupra Multi-action Anti-wrinkle cream, it's the best of the best and totally non-greasy.

Q: I want to try traditional wet shaving but I'm on a limited budget, where do I start?

A: Traditional wet shaving definitely does not have to be expensive! Some of the best shaving brushes we sell cost under twelve bucks, the RazoRock Plissoft series. My suggestion is start small, get yourself one of the RazoRock Plissoft shaving brushes (there are many different sizes and styles) along with a RazoRock shaving soap, for under $20 you are on your way to excellent shaves. If your budget is super constrained, you can grab the RazoRock Plissoft Disruptor and the Italian Barber Amici shaving soap for a whopping $12 plus shipping.

Q: Can you please explain the benefit(s) for a SLANT BAR safety razor?

A: The benefit of a SLANT razor is they torque a double-edge razor blade in two different directions, this adds greater mechanical strength to the blade edge; a very thin blade now becomes both rigid and sharp! SLANT razors are great for people with sensitive skin because they cut more efficiently allowing for less passes of the razor to get smooth, especially on the neck area where the skin is the most sensitive for more gentlemen.

Q: I suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps, especially on my neck, can you help?

A: Men with curl beard hair will usually experience ingrown hairs and the dreaded razor bumps. This is caused because the hair is cut below the skin level; when the hair begins to grow back, curly hair will sometimes tend to grow sideways. If you want to avoid ingrown hairs, avoid getting too close of a shave. You will want to definitely avoid using a multi-blade cartridge razor and use a mild DE razor instead. I would recommend the RazoRock Quick-Change DE safety razor, it's a very mild shaver and if you use it for just a 'with the grain' pass, you will avoid most (if not all) ingrown hair issues. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, definitely never shave the beard against the hair growth! Slant razor are also very good for people that suffer from ingrown hairs, especially if you just do a one-pass shave.

Q: I want to totally overhaul my grooming routine, where do I begin?

A: Although we all want to experience change fast, when you are changing your grooming or shaving routine, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND only changing one variable at a time. For example, if you want to add pre-shave oil to your routine, do not change anything else in the routine, use the pre-shave oil for a few weeks and determine if that works for you before adding other different products. Many times, gents will go out and buy 6-7 new products and use them all on the same day, then they experience some sort of skin irritation and abandon the entire process. Start small and only add change one variable at a time. Try a product for 15 days before you determine whether you like it or not.

Q: What is your #1 traditional shaving preparation tip?

A: This one is really easy and is similar to the two minute teeth brushing tip. Make sure you either lather the soap for a full two minutes (on your face) or let the shaving soap sit on your face for a full two minutes, before you begin shaving. I cannot stress this enough. Lathering or letting the soap sit on your face for a full two minutes noticeably softens the stubble and makes cutting so much easier. A good soap breaks down the natural oils that protect your stubble and the hair gets hydrated and easy to slice!